PCB wants to persuade England And Australia to travel Pakistan

The PCB is planning a new round of talks between Australian cricket and British officials and the Welsh Cricket Board after the World Cup.


The Pakistan Cricket Board will also officially discuss the official visits of FTP visits in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Discussions between the PCB and SLC and BCB officials will be held in Singapore on May 26 during the Asia Cricket Council meeting.

By the end of next year, with the end of international broadcast rights, the PCB is focused on reviving international cricket in the country, and Australia and the United Kingdom will visit in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

“ECB CEO Tom Harrison will come to Pakistan, PCB managing director Wasim Khan told ESPNcricinfo. “He is excited to come in 2-3 months (after the World Cup) and he wants to continue living in that country and want to experience. They have been visiting Pakistan for 13-14 years Given that there is no problem, it is a time-consuming problem.

“But they are very active in traveling to Pakistan that is good for us. He will look at our stadium and see our safety plan. They are for us It is a very encouraging thing to strive to come to

Pakistan’s five-year broadcast contract, which will end next year, has been hit hard during the ongoing cycle that India has failed to fulfill its two series promises. The loss exceeded $ 70 million. With the new broadcast cycle, PCB is trying to secure the value of Pakistan Cricket’s international broadcast rights. Last year, they sold PSL’s three-year broadcast rights for about $36 million.

“The economic health of the PCB is in place and in a good place, but not playing in India is a big hit for us and it’s a big problem,” said Wasim. “That’s why it’s important to bring the international team back to Pakistan. It may seem premature to talk about the relationship between England and Australia long before the series, but it’s a time-consuming process. Next year is a time of economic importance for us as the new international broadcast rights are abolished.

This year, a 10-year attack on the Sri Lankan team took place, making Pakistan an absent zone for international teams. But over the years, PCB has been trying to revive international cricket by organizing a series of exhibition games, and increasingly by hosting PSL games domestically.

For beginners, they hope to convince Sri Lanka to play a part of their scheduled restricted series in Pakistan in September. “We have a series against Sri Lanka in September, we want it to be done in Pakistan, but we need to have those conversations with the Sri Lankan Cricket Committee,” Wasim said. “Ehsan Mani (PCB President) and I will formally meet at a meeting of Sri Lankan executives and the Asian Board meeting in Singapore this month. This will be the first round of play in Pakistan.”

Pakistan plans to host Bangladesh after the Sri Lanka Series, but both boards have spurred a number of issues in recent years. Pakistan canceled its tour of Bangladesh in 2017. Earlier this year, Bangladesh rejected two T20I tours.

Pakistan has avoided holding Bangladesh in the United Arab Emirates beyond unrealizable commercial viability. However, Wasim said the PCB will invite Bangladesh on schedule expecting the series to be part of the ICC test championship and taking place in Pakistan.

“They’s security officers came to Karachi during PSL this year and we had a very positive conversation Wadim said They said it was a very secure, good environment and a good security plan, so we have a bilateral agreement for the test championship. Make the plan.

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