St Mary’s Stadium England will play the 2020 Euro Games with Kosovo Southampton

St Mary’s Stadium England in Southampton confirmed that the Euro -2020 competition in England was to play against Kosovo.


Stadium England

This is the first time that will be played in Southampton, Stadium England in October 2002. Sven-Goran joined Eriksson in 2-2 game in Macedon.

In recent years, the senior team of men and men under the age of 21 played during the Serve Mary game and now Gareth Southgate will be competing in the European Cup.

Organizing a Group A match on the 10th of September will compete against the original Wembley in England. It became a player against Macedonian in October 2006.

The FA is looking forward to England’s return to the revised optimism around the Southgate team, which was the first ever World Cup semifinal since the 1990s.

The match was associated with UEFA and FIFA in 2016, making it the first match of the year in Kosovo.

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