Top Three Basketball Hoop Light

Basketball Hoop Light: Can’t see the basketball hoops and backboard? The best lighting for basketball hoops is off the shelf solutions as they illuminate the hoop, back, and rim. So even on a fully dark night, you will have a clear vision.

Top Three Basketball Hoop Light

Solar Powered Innoo Tech LED Basketball Hoop Lights


This RGB LED hoop light is very bright, looks cool and attractive, not only is it a good way to locate the basket when playing basketball at night but can also bring more fun with bright light. You can choose from 8 lighting modes to light up your wonderful basketball game!

Made with a flexible and durable silicone coating, this LED basketball rim light is IP 65 waterproof and basketball shock resistant, withstands all-year-round weather.

Equipped with highly efficient solar panels that absorb solar energy under sunlight and convert it into electricity. No additional batteries required, no manual charging required. After you press the ON / OFF button to activate the light, with intelligent sensing, it will automatically light up at night and turn off during the day.

Waybelive Remote Control Basketball Rim LED Light


This LED strip can illuminate the edge of a basketball hoop and have up to sixteen unique lighting patterns, helping to accurately record scores and enhancing children’s basketball interest while enjoying basketball at night.

The rim lights are protected by a protective tube to withstand impacts, and the battery case is sealed, which is enough for long-term use, don’t worry about breakage or rain; Each set of light strips requires 3 AA batteries to power (not included); Can work up to 75 hours at night

SeaELF Waterproof Basketball Hoop Light


This basketball rim is made of 59 ” long 5050 SMD LEDs, wrapped in a transparent silicone tube to be waterproof, shockproof, and not dimmed. Suitable for all standard size basketball rims, light up the rim easily, brighter than most other brands, for basket rims and sunlight strips.

There is an action sensor included with the backlit basketball rim, it detects and lights up after 3 seconds every time you score, and gives instant feedback at night! It is a kind of holiday that can encourage kids and boys to play basketball and have fun playing basketball at night.

Easy installation takes just a few minutes. Zip the flexible light strip around the perimeter of the basketball rim, glue the sensor unit with 3M tape under the basketball hoop and install 4 AA batteries (not included) in the battery compartment, then insert the battery into the back panel. or anywhere with a 190cm wire.

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